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Customer Care

We highly care for satisfying our customers with the power we have. In case there are issues with the website or the orders are placed incorrectly, we'll try our best to help. 
If there are any important or common questions to be asked, we highly recommend visiting FAQ. 
To contact us, please use the forum or e-mail listed on the Contact page

Privacy & Safety

We deeply care for our customers and workers privacy. Secure info shall not be publicly shown on the platforms we cover and for safety reasons we do not allow any harmful behavior on our social medias. To those who want to be

credited on the Gallery section of our homepage will be displayed after request.  


Pastel Melon allows worldwide shipping, this means we allow some payment methods available for everyone possible. Our product and shipping prices may vary depending on the location, but ultimately we will try to keep the

margins between currencies fair as long as they remain in the same costs. 
Since we're based in the EU we are legally required to collect VAT from EU destinations ( sorry ) 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


Credit cards

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