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Shipping Policy

Pastel Melon allows global shipping ranging from various countries, due to this some shipping costs may vary depending on the location the order is placed. We unfortunately do not have control over the shipping companies our products will be manufactured to. If an order gets delayed, we recommend checking the delivery company your product is assigned to. 
Estimated times ranges from 7 - 14 days for the product to arrive. This may differ due to the customer's location but it's guaranteed it won't take months for the order to be completed.  Free-shipping won't be an available option for a long time and may remain as coupons in the near future. 

Return & Exchange Policy

We unfortunately do not allow any return/exchanges, if they may occur. This is because we do not have a storage  for returning products to be stored in.
We do allow refunds in case an order is incorrect or broken , further discussion will be taken into contact if such event ever happens. Unfortunately we do not allow refunds if the customer chooses the wrong size or when a product is missing;this is due to it being outside of our control and it's mainly an issue on the shipping company's end. 
It is only possible if you contact us with such issue before the order is processed.

If you are unsatisfied with these decisions we allow negotiations to be taken to our contact forums 

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