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  • What payment methods do we accept?
    We happily allow options with creditcards, Paypal, Klarna; Stripe and Alipay
  • How long do orders usually take?
    Orders can take up to 1 - 2 weeks depending on the situation at the printing distributor and the delivery services at said location. If it takes any longer than estimated you could contact us Orders for Cut and sew outfits and accessories may take longer
  • Can I cancel an order?
    You can cancel an order when it has not been in the process of production yet. We happily let you know whether it has reached that phase or not so it's possible you may not be able to cancel your order and won't get refunded. Orders for cut and sew outfit and accessories have a cancel window of one week
  • Can I return an item?
    Hoodies sweaters and shirts cannot be returned and traded Cut and sew outfits and accessories however can be returned but only through contact first.
  • How do I apply for a Vtuber Apparel colllaboration?
    Vtuber collaborations open routinely on every quarter, it will be announced on our Twitter how to apply and what the offers are. The following requirements for collaborations are: - SFW designs to work with - PR friendly profiles with minor conflict / criminal activities - Strong community support from your viewers ( Optional a preferred timeslot + mentioning upcoming events ) We happily take registrations through our social DM's but also answer to emails as well Cooperations must require to contact us directly as well
  • What are the benefits of collaborating with PastelMelon?
    We offer original designs that are made suited for anime apparel you will be working closely with the artist to get the most suitable design possible! Collaborators will also receive: -Promotional banners -Vtuber hoodie assets for streams -One free sample -A monetary cut of 35% of the total profit made a month -A giveaway coupon for your supporters if your product meets a 20 sale threshold. Cooperations may follow different rules NOTE THAT COLLABS HAVE A 50 EURO STARTING FEE
  • I'm not a Vtuber. Can I still get a custom made design?
    Even if you're not a Vtuber, you can still apply for a collaboration if you have a popular Original Character of whom you own the copyright of. You can get a custom design made through commissions but these generally have a slower completion time if there is no deadline given.
  • How long do collaborations run for?
    Collaborations will run for however long you want it to run If you are suspended from your socials for an indefinite time your collaboration may with us too as we like to not associate ourselves with bad behavior. Collaborations that have ran for years but are no longer promoted by said creator or no sales are made in such time we will end a collaboration in those terms as well.
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