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PastelMelon is an anime inspired clothing line featuring ''Food, Moe, Gothic and Tech'' themed originals. These range can range from hoodie designs to completely originally made  cut and sew outfits.
Our main catch is that we love to collaborate a lot with Vtubers, creating colorful and unique apparel designs for them. 
New products are products are added monthly and are worked hard on by our artist and owner 
We supply most of our apparel through print on demand services.
Added cut and sew outfits, keychains, posters and stickers will be stored in bulk and shipped out from one location. 

PastelMelon's goal is to one day be involved in events such as Anime/Comic cons where we can sell our products in person and offer fun interactive events with our Vtuber connections.

Our shop is greatly supported by Melon's friends and supporters, we couldn't have done it without you! 


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